CD Collection – What to do?

Music has always been a massive part of my every day life, so it is no surprise to learn that I have in excess of 1000 CDs packed up in boxes and never played. Since the MP3 revolution, the only place I actually play CDs is in the car, and let’s be fair my 10 minute drive to the station hardly does Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” justice, with the only other journey I do regularly being the half hour trek to Rawreth for band practice.  Our house isn’t small, but it’s also not large enough to have the luxury of plush CD cabinets containing all of my collection for everyone to see (read: family who wouldn’t even give it a second glance!). Believe me, the horder and collector side of me inherited from my father would delight in having such an extravegance!

So I’m left with the altogether depressing prospect of selling them on. I have thought about putting all the boxes up in the loft, but that’s really not the nicest environment to be storing delicate CDs in. So, that leaves me online auctions, boot sales or finding somewhere that will buy the job lot. Online auctions is a fairly thankless task when dealing with music CDs, the only successes I’ve really had in the past being doing bulk offers, eg 5 CDs by the same artist in one auction. Individual auctions for each CD despite the wonders of Turbo Lister is still a frightfully tedious task, and then you have to cope with the crushing disappointment that they didn’t sell, and ironically greater disappointment when they do because you’ve then got to package the bloody things up and haul your ass to the nearest stupidly long queue in the post office!

Boot sales are all well and good but my experience of them in the past is such that everyone expects a bargain, so if you begin the day gleefully selling each CD for 50p, you will always get some jerk come along that scoffs at that price and asks if you’ll sell for 20p! I speak from bitter experience. One gets possessive about what you’re trying to sell, as not only do you know the original value of the thing, but it has also gathered personal value, making the whole 20p offer double the insult! I also detest waking up early on weekends, I do that all week – weekends are sacred! Then you get the random weather, the eejits who come to your car boot first thing in the morning like flocks of vultures seeing if they can rob you blind and then the feeling that you have actually wasted half a day of your weekend. Humph!

So, it looks like I need to sell the job lot to a company/business/individual who buys second hand media. Anyone reading this blog (haha, a laugh in itself!) that knows of such a place, please do comment here or get in touch, I have no qualms in travelling to achieve the end result so long as the entire collection ends up in good hands, and I get a nice bit of bunce for it. :O)

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