Where the feck have I been?

Thought I’d drop a quick post in here since I haven’t done so in an age and things have moved on somewhat musically in my life, although my time is somewhat reduced with the introduction of my gorgeous daughter Lucy born on November 19th 2010. :O) Anyway, since my last update Stuart and myself have formed a duo called More or Less and have done a couple of gigs. Though this isn’t our primary focus, this is very much still the band Stuffed Olive it just gives us an option to learn new songs and to play at venues that can’t accomodate a full four-piece band. The band recently done a four track demo that can be listened to either on the website or on our YouTube Page, go check it out. Also check out my own YT TheKeithEllis page where I plan to upload videos of myself and/or the duo, and you can also see what stuff I’m currently digging out there.

I am now the proud owner of a Korg Microstation keyboard that I plan (when I get any spare time whatsoever) to learn inside out and hook up to the PC with Cubase and start writing stuff again. In my usual fashion I already have an album drawn up with song titles, with only two of the songs with any vague idea of what they are going to sound like!

Finally an update wouldn’t be complete without mention of the current albums that are floating my boat right now. Check them out on YouTube, google, wherever, but make sure you do:

Amplifier – The Octopus : Fave track = Interstella
Vessels – Helioscope : Fave track = All Our Ends
The Decemberists – The King is Dead : Fave track = June Hymn
Fuck Buttons – Tarot Sport : Fave track = Lisbon Maru
White Lies – Ritual : Fave track = Strangers

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