Epiphone Awesomeness!!

Okay, so I still haven’t installed the strap locks, but I guess it was fate that got me there as I have recently purchased a beautiful Epiphone Gibson Les Paul from my friend Steve (used to be in Stuffed Olive band). Now, the sensible side of me was screaming not to buy it but there reasons why I pushed on regardless is that A) £200 is just so darned good a deal and B) I know he looks after his guitars extremely well so just know its condition will be pristeen. So I am now a proud Epiphone owner, the theory being I just needed a backup guitar for my Jackson at gigs, in case I break a string or just simply want a differently tuned guitar available and ready to go. I took it to band practice last night to hear it at good volume and can now proclaim it as my first choice! Fantastic sound and the sustain is just ridiculous! I’m a happy bunny.

In other news I am gradually putting together a list of cover songs that I want to iron out and upload to YouTube, the criteria being either that I’m sick of seeing seriously crap versions of great songs being murdered by other YouTubers or that I simply think will be great to play in my own style. I am also slowly (read: very) working on my album project that has been a brain resident for nearly a decade, codename: “Pigeon” as of now. :O) There are two tracks that are very old songs of mine, but will be massively re-worked to almost non-recognisable measure while the rest of the music is a combination of scrapbook ideas I’ve had over time. The benefit of playing a lot of acoustic music is that I often find passages by accident that I think will sound good in a song either in part or as a whole. Learning ‘Everlong’ by the Foos has given me the majority of one of the songs on the album for example. Get me and my drop D tuning!

Anyway, all exciting stuff at the moment, and with the band learning new songs by the month there’s a lot to be practicing. Up and coming gigs for Stuffed can be found at THIS LOCATION. :O)

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