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On Saturday 31st March, Rachel and I performed our first gig at the Rose & Crown in Bocking. Choosing this as our first gig venue gives us a certain level of safety knowing full well that the regulars will be supportive and appreciative of our efforts, but knowing we will get a royal barracking if we loused things up! What I hadn’t bargained for is the amount of additional attendees that included a fair portion of Rachel’s work colleagues and all of them arrived early enough to occupy the lower bar where we were playing. I also had a couple of people from work along for the ride, so this increased the level of putting my money where my mouth is! Have so say going into the gig I was extremely confident we would nail it, in fact I’ve never been so confident knowing that from late January through to the gig date we had both sweated blood and tears to get the 40 songs together in a presentable fashion. In fact in the three weeks leading up to the gig we practiced twice a week that also included a visit to Stag Studios in Witham to ensure all was well with PA.

The setting up of the Peavey PA proved to be a useful exercise as it reminded me how utterly woeful the out-of-the-box reverb is, and it certainly caused Rachel some concerns. Short of panic buying a £100+ dedicated reverb stomp box I decided to forgoe my electric guitar for the gig and set up the vocals to go through my Zoom g9.2tt effects unit – a decision that was to prove particularly prudent!

…and so, we were ready!

The gig itself went extremely well with Rachel belting out song after song, seemingly getting more confident after each song, and for the most part I remembered the music with referrals to the song sheets to a bare minimum. Unfortunately I fell foul to not adhering to my own practice methods and completely loused up Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’, from tuning the E string down through to the actual song itself it was a bit of train wreck, but finally got it together!! The reason – I didn’t practice it on the assumption that I’ve played it so many times I couldn’t possibly screw it up! WRONG! Needless to say, it, along with all songs we play, will be practiced in equal measure from here-on-in. Song highlights for me throughout the 2 hour long set included our truly wicked rendition of ‘Pricetag’, both Kings of Leon songs we do sounded fab (Use Somebody and Sex on Fire), Ed Sheeran’s ‘A-Team’ and our encore of Lady Gaga’s ‘Marry the Night’ capped things off perfectly (shame about the Yellow debacle also in the encore!). Hell, even my three songs a I did solo at half time went pretty well, particularly proud of Coldplay’s ‘Us Against the World’ that I had literally learnt the same day!

We now have another gig on Sunday May 6th at 3PM, supporting Beatles tribute duo ‘Words & Music’, and have just been booked to play at Benson Bar on Saturday May 12th starting at 8:30PM. Hope to see you there. :O)

In other news, I finally have all components for my Roland GR-55 guitar effects processor – once this baby is set up it will allow me to change tunings at the stomp of a pedal, so songs like Pearl Jam’s ‘Daughter’ will be featured in my solo performances and gives me the option to throw in a couple of Devin Townsend’s more calm songs! But not just that, it will turn the guitar into other instruments of my choosing, piano being one attractive patch that will allow for songs like Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ and Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’ – Of course I can acoustic guitar those songs up, but the ability to play it piano style would be awesome – or I could just learn them on my keyboard! Hmmm! 😉 Lastly, since it works off a pickup that monitors each of the six strings I can also have bass guitar on the bottom two strings for example and some synth strings on the top 4! It truly is awesomeness in a box – that is assuming I can work the bloody thing.

Anyway, that’s enough from me for now, keep an eye out here and also the Duality Web Page for more information on our next gigs and for media that should become available over the upcoming months. :O)

Currently permaplaying on iPod:
Rammstein – Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da : Fave track = Ich Tu Dir Weh
Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago : Fave track = For Emma
Foster the People – Torches : Fave track = Houdini
Kina Grannis – Stairwells : Fave track = The One You Say Goodnight To
Florence and the Machine – Ceremonials : Fave track = Heartlines

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