Third Time Lucky?!

My iPhone road has been rocky to say the least, kind of affirming my belief that all things Apple = satanic, but hey, no device out there is as cool and until such a competitive device exists I will persevere. I am now on my third unit, with my first developing a mysterious and completely unexplainable dead zone in the middle of the screen (read: slight case of dropping down the stairs). Okay, so my first replacement was strictly speaking my own fault! Uhm, okay. Now my second unit suffered from a case of people not being able to call me with it either going straight through to voicemail or saying my number is unobtainable. I’m thinking I must be in an O2 black spot, but colleagues also with iPhones aren’t experiencing this at all.

Sure enough after much entering of random codes at O2’s advice, I resort to plugging my sim into my old Motorola (ahhh, you may be less in function but boy do you just work!). Sure enough, an hour goes by and I’m still able to dial my number with no issue. Swapped back into my iPhone and immediately I am unable to dial my number. Faulty iPhone? Perhaps. Faulty sim? Again, perhaps. I booked an appointment with the Apple centre in Regent Street and after much uhming and utterances of ‘ well I can’t see much wrong with your unit’, the kind gentleman agrees to swap it out.

So far people are able to contact me, but I am not in our head office today, so proof will be tomorrow when I am back in London. However, after a full charge last night, the battery was dead this morning. I am putting this down to being a one-off as I simply can’t bear the thought of another trudge to Regent Street!!! Modern technology eh?

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Category: Mobiles
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2 Responses
  1. Daniel says:

    c’mon Keith, really “satanic” …. I mean lets be brutally honest, you sold your sole to Micro$oft many moons ago and now your whining that Apple want a slice of the pie!

    For me personally I measure the value of the device by how I feel when it is not within arms reach. So far this year, I have been late for work on at least one occassion because I got to the trainstation before realising the iPhone was still on charge! … it is my phone, my music, my news and my hours of pointless gaming fun! … lets face facts, the iPhone rocks and you have just been unlucky.


  2. admin says:

    I sold my shoes to Microsoft?! My hatred of all things Apple stems from my field service engineering days where I’d get the short straw to deal with Apple’s early units. I’d truly rather work on an IBM AT than those wretched things. Granted, things have dramatically improved in recent years to the point of temptation.

    The iPhone does indeed rock, like you say it’s everything in one tidy little package, meaning that I no longer have to carry my PSP, my work device, my personal device and an MP3 player in my work bag! Now if only I’d held on longer for the 3GS!