Our Amazing Daughter

My daughter amazes me, regularly, and for a variety of different things and reasons. To list them here would be an exhausting and probably very boring experience for you the avid reader of my seldom read blogtypething. My son amazes me too of course, for equally varying reasons, but listen, this post is not about him it’s about Lucy. My beautiful girl, she starts school in September and along with it the inevitable and unintentional refinement of her personality as she gets to know new friends, their parents and of course sussing out which teachers to be afraid of and to befriend!

Anyway, for the last two days we all headed into London to do the Shaun the Sheep trails, which (if you have no idea what I’m talking about) is basically a load of porcelain (I think) statues in the shape of Shaun with various different artwork daubing them. If you know about the Cow Parade where (again, I think) it all started, you’ll know what this is about. It’s essentially a great way to get out and around London (or wherever) and see the sights from a walker’s perspective. My less than entirely accurate Samsung steps app tells me that over both the days I have clocked up around 46000 steps, which amounts to about 4000 calories burnt in a generic sense. Great stuff! However, things get more impressive when you consider that Lucy only moaned about the feet twice in the entire two days and other than a couple of trips in the buggy on the 2nd day, walked the entire lot with us. I reckon she would be doing two steps to our one, something I hadn’t factored in which means an astonishing circa 90000 steps for her wee little legs.

I thought she would sleep like a log in the car home, but no, she was still going jabbering about the last two days and what she’s going to do next and why aren’t we going to London again tomorrow?! Needless to say though, she didn’t want a story before bed, nor did she want her obligatory glass of milk – just a kiss and a cuddle from both Mummy and Daddy was enough for her sleepy head.

The two days can be summarised quite nicely by the picture below. Kids, they are amazing, keep reminding yourself of that even if you don’t need to. :o) x



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