Gosfield Sprint Triathlon 2015

The club I am in Born2Tri host a Sprint and Olympic distance Triathlon at Gosfield lake each year, and this time I decided to sign up for it. I know I am biased, but what a fantastically organised local triathlon this is, and Gosfield Lake is the perfect central point for it. Everyone got a free Born2Tri t-shirt, which I was somewhat grateful for as the decision for the race was mandatory NON-wetsuit! Who knew the UK could boast such weather! It was to be my first 2015 Tri in glorious sunshine too!!! Anyway, this meant I only had my trisuit for the race numbers since I foolishly left my race belt at home. I had the bright idea to use the shirt literally 1 minute before transition closed, meaning that I rushed safety pinning the numbers to the front and back – something I’d find out was to my detriment for T1! At this stage the sun was out, but black clouds were looming!!!

Anyway, I had a nice swim despite reservations about not having the buoyancy of the wetsuit to aid me. Wasn’t breaking any records, but felt good and technique came into play nicely, although the black clouds that had loomed were now letting loose their contents! I lost my timing chip somewhere near the start I reckon as it was hanging at my transition point so my timings are somewhat difficult to gauge – especially when you consider how long I was in T1 due to a safety pin epic fail. Yes, yours truly had safety pinned the back on the shirt to the front, and with trembly post swim hands and a light head I was finding it all too difficult to remedy! Coach Pete thankfully saw my ineptness and came to the rescue (thanks again fella!) and after what must’ve been 10 minutes I was on my way again!

The cycle route pretty much followed the exact route I devised as my training laps for when I used to live in Bocking, so it was all familiar territory which allowed for me to up my pace somewhat despite the rubbish weather. I went for clip shoes this time round and was grateful for the extra purchase and power this gave on the incline out of Sible Hedingham. The ride definitely felt good and I made some good time up catching up some of the previous wave competitors and a couple in my own wave. I knew this would be short-lived once I got on Shank’s Pony but hey allow me those little pointless victories if you will.

So, into T2 and discovering (by way of change) soaking wet trainers for the 5km run – this is a single circuit across fields and dirt tracks, with the rain this made things rather muddy and puddle strewn. The run felt great however, still at the pace of a pack mule, but kept it steady throughout and knew I would post a time more a-kin to where I was last year. The support from the marshals was excellent too, giving you that extra lift when you need it most. Great race, even though again it was a very wet affair. My kingdom for dry Tri!

Overall – 01:52:31 : Timing chip lost in swim, so individual times not available.

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