Where’s My Mojo?

Anyone? I lost it some time ago and I’ve not been able to find it… I don’t even know where I was when I lost it, or who I was with, or what time it was, or if I was drunk or sober. Gone! Vamoosed! Vanished! Outta here! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I come here today to admit and accept that all that hard work losing weight and getting fighting fit has ultimately been trashed by stupidity and apathy. My hope is that in writing this, seeing it in the cold glare of plain text that it will surface the desire, the want, the need and the passion that got me where I was previously.

So, where did it all go wrong? For starters, taking part in my last event for the year was followed by….. nothingness. No training, not even lunchtime walks (quite frankly these are one of the main reasons for the weightloss), just procrastination. What ails me? I have a loving and caring wife, I have two absolutely incredible children, I have a good and prosperous career choice .. hell, I’m even back playing in a band again doing the stuff I love (rock and metal). So, it isn’t like I am unhappy with my lot and completely riddled with energy sapping misery. What is it then that is holding me back, making me not give a flying feck when I drink to excess or waste the good work I’ve done calorie wise during the day with some silly evening eating. Well, the latter right there is a reason for weight gain, of course – I am just not counterbalancing that with anything that will burn calories.

It’s a simple equation and premise – Eat a set amount of calories a day and move your fat ass more. I was never religious about the calorie consumption per day, just made sure I hit there or thereabouts. I always counterbalanced my day with some form of exercise, whether it was taking the stairs all day instead of the lift, the aforementioned lunch walks or simply standing in meetings rather than sitting if there was nothing else going on. Anything over and above that was obviously a bonus! The thing that maddens me the most is that I got myself very VERY fit with a non-regimented weekly set of exercise ideals, trying to at least Swim, Run and Cycle once in any given week. It worked, well.

I don’t even have any injury excuses or blockers that would prevent me from doing any of it. I have an old bike permanently set up on a turbo trainer – I can cycle WHENEVER I like. The club run swim sessions each and every Monday night for the princely sum of £3 for just an hour of my time – time VERY well spent. And running… I simply need to put on one of my plethora of running tops, shorts and get my slack butt out there.

..but do I? Do I f**k!

So, Keith, and I know you will re-read this post the often vain person that you secretly are – please take a good long look at yourself. Happy? Like what you see? Nope, didn’t think so. Sort it the F@@K out you crazy foo!

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