Safari Sagoodie!

Well so far I have stayed true to my word and am in full flow with my training regime. I realised this is even more important considering that even despite me not signing up for as many events this year, I still have Blenheim, Gosfield and Dunmow Triathlons, a Duathlon and two 10k runs to get through! That’s not withstanding any ad-hocs that I will no doubt be sucked into! So, I only have one rest day a week (Thursday) with Sunday being my ‘Any’ exercise day – I spent an hour running round a football pitch with the kids, so I’m chalking that one up! I am loving my swimming right now, and went Friday & Monday night with the club – my front crawl feels strong, and technique getting better each time. I need to get some open water swims in prior to Blenheim in early June, it really is a completely different experience to the pool!

I even hauled my carcass out for a run on Saturday afternoon, intending to do 5k but falling short by 1km – it felt awful, even getting shin splints, and just further reaffirms my hatred for the discipline! The irony of Royksopp’s ‘Alpha Male’ coming on random play really didn’t help either… Tonight I am hoping for enough daylight to take my bike out its first spin since the October Born2Tri Duathlon and will be the first time with my new clips, cleats and shoes. Failing that it’s on the turbo boredom, irrespective I’m doing it!

My goal is to be as fit as I can possibly be for the events, but also beyond, not going to look back again and ensure I keep the weight off, stay fighting fit and be able to run around after the two little wee scamps!!

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