Blackwater Echoes

So I’m back playing guitar again, and then some! It all came about with my best buddy Tony getting unceremoniously dumped from the covers band he was in. I jokingly (half anyway) said that if he was getting anything else together to give me a shout. Not many days later he announced that he had drawn together the semblance of a new band. He has drafted Mark Harding (long-time friend of ours) on lead guitar – a rather splendid wielder of the axe is has to be said and Matt Waller, the bassist from his ‘Red White and Bluesy’ blues band days – a top notch wielder of the bass. The final piece of the jigsaw for him was therefore to have myself in as rhythm guitar and backing vocals. Rather flattered to be part of such a grooving set of musicians to be honest, but I love a challenge.

It became clear that the challenge was definitely on since the chosen genre for the band is Rock and Metal covers. There is no hiding on this one, no getting away with not practising – this stuff needs work and refinement to get right and sound tight as a nun’s chuff. So many MSN conversations later the first rehearsal was planned. I think we all had a nagging thought at the back of our minds as to whether it would work or not, but we needn’t have feared anything – we all got on like a house on fire and the bonus being that the initial songs we set ourselves to learn we pretty much nailed there and then. It’s at this point I think we all realised this was going to be lots of fun, damned tight and sounding awesome.

…a band name was plucked out of digital air via MSN and so Blackwater Echoes were born. Quite a clever little name and VERY metal. 🙂

Roll forward a couple more instrumental practices and the thoughts now turned to getting a singer on board. Tony advertised and soon enough we had Gavin on board; when we first met him we can be forgiven for thinking how the hell is this guy going to go from singing Muse through to singing Audioslave. It was always going to be a tall order and an ask to have such a person. Ermm, we found him! Holy mother of God this guy can sing, from the falsetto of Muse through to the lung busting of the likes of Audioslave and Metallica. He can pretty much nail anything – and he is a pretty handy drummer too as it happens!

We had our first band meeting last week to discuss the current songs and to throw a load into the mix for us to learn in 2 songs per fortnight chunks. There is a wide variety in there, and a lot of technically challenging songs too. They are all songs that people will mostly know, but we have tried to steer clear of the cheese and the obvious – sometimes (Enter Sandman) you can’t avoid it. There are songs in amongst it all that I have always wanted to play and now we are in a cohesive and like-minded unit.

I think another month and we’ll be gig ready, and as soon as this becomes set in stone we will advise via the Facebook page. Very exciting, very cool, very LOUD .. but not TOO loud. :O)

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