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Thursday May 12th, I took control. Having made incredibly dire food choices the day previously I suddenly realised that the near perpetual crappy feeling is directly (without being a Doctor m’kay?) related to the inconsistency of the quality of food I am eating. It’s a real non-working hybrid of good eating mixed with utterly shit choices. It ain’t big and it most certainly ain’t clever! So, I am reminded of the immortal words of Frankie Goes to Hollywood:

“Frankie say, no more!”

…and that is exactly my mantra from here-on-in. I lost 3 stone 2 years ago, I’ve put it back on, that’s utterly stupid, crazy and downright foolish. I’m not getting any younger, and the latter year suite of diseases is well and truly within my grasp – and I am helping them! Diabetes is really not something I wish to experience, ever, not to mention the more life threatening chart toppers Cancer, Heart Disease and if research materials I’ve been reading are remotely correct Dementia (Alzheimers) are all ‘preventable’ to a certain extent by the things we eat and the lifestyles we lead.

“Frankie say, no more!”

Damned straight he says ‘no more’, what the unholy fuck was I thinking? I got myself into a beautiful position to go on and drop down into the ‘safe’ BMI (I know, don’t read into it too much, but it’s still a measure however loose that I don’t want telling me I’m obese!). So, I am on that journey again, with a big degree of annoyance but a larger degree of optimism, pride and determination.

Since the 11th, otherwise known as ‘Being a Complete Wanker Wednesday’, I have eaten clean, exercised a fair degree too, but the key thing is the clean eating. I’ve still had days where I have leeway for a beer or two, and I have them – you bet! I am sure there will be the exceptional days where the counting goes through the roof, but the key thing is to return to the clean the following day and to continue it onwards and forever.

It’s not a temporary thing… it’s not something to dip in and out of… it’s a lifestyle change, but one that isn’t going to depress you, or charge you for each weigh-in session, or restrict you entirely from the things you love to eat or make you count points of any description – okay you’re counting calories, but that’s the real deal!

Yes, it’s time to man up and jump on board the good ship Healthy, next stop personal bests in Triathlons, climbing hills on a bike with relative ease and maybe even actually enjoying running rather than detesting it.

“Frankie say, no more!”

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