The Final Furlong

We are now nearing week 8 of the IQuitSugar ‘experiment’ and I have to say it has been a thoroughly enjoyable culinary ride. I do feel better for it, of that I am certain, and it is quite bizarre how I don’t crave any sweet stuff anymore – not that I had a particularly sweet tooth, I am talking about crisps (laden with sugar except for most plain crisps). I walk into the canteen at work and see the chocolate bars, desserts, cans of drinks and just don’t miss them – at all! It’s a strange but liberating feeling to not be a slave to the unhealthy snacks anymore. If there is something that I am probably not getting right at the moment is the in-between meal snacking. I buy corn or rice cakes for snacking but am finding myself unable to stop at just 2 or 3 and nearly always polish the lot off throughout the day! Probably not the best idea! However, I am still the same weight four weeks in a row, having lost 9lbs since starting on this regime.

Interestingly the blurb for week 8 says it is now whether you decide that you want to continue your sugar free life or not, I guess they want your money again when you drop back into your bad habits. The last 2 weeks have been pretty challenging from a consistency point of view with a lot of evenings out and business trips meaning that I have been faced with multiple eating out conundrums and not having the organisational skills to cook up multiple plan meals in advance. I think I have done very well, and I know the wife has also been extremely diligent in her eating habits. All of this combines together to make me realise that we can continue this journey, it’s easy really and if there’s the odd slip up here and there it’s no biggie, just jump back on it. I am finding that my taste buds have changed too; a steak I had the other night (without any sauce of course) was just divine, it’s like my buds have found a new lease of life and I am tasting things anew!

So what now? Well, first we have to get through week 8’s yumminess, but after this I plan to revisit all of the meals that both Ruth and I enjoyed, and concoct our own monthly meal plan. We also have the IQuitSugar recipe book which has over 300 recipes in it, so I will make things fun by throwing a few of these into the mix also – also have Davina McCall’s sugarless recipe book and already know how awesome a lot of these are. Cheesecake anyone? Once you get over the cooking every single day aspect out of your system, it’s actually really easy, the results are astonishingly good meals and all are very filling.

You may notice banner ads for the IQS plan throughout the site, I am now an affiliate with them – so if you are thinking of joining up or buying any of Rachel Wilson’s books, order through my site by clicking the links please. It’s so worthwhile, and I would love to hear how you  are finding the journey or if you are just embarking upon the path to Yumsville!

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