We Graduated!

Okay, the IQuitSugar 8 week programme has long since finished, so how are we doing? Well apart from not being too brilliant at meal plans we are doing great, and are still sugar-free. Interestingly both of our desires for the sugary things in life has all but dissipated entirely, with Ruth finding that her appetite is far less than it used to be, ie she gets full quicker. This was always a natural reaction to taking Fructose out of your everyday eating, but she is finding it more so now than when we were during the programme.

It is now engrained in me to not shop sugar, I know the stuff that is bad and what is acceptable – one of my favourite things now is Avocado on corn cakes! Sounds utterly dull right? So bloomin’ tasty though. One of the things I was concerned about as mentioned before is the initial ban on fruit and the reduction of intake thereafter – having been a 5 plus piece of fruit-a-day kind guy it really was something that I thought I would never be able to handle. How wrong I was, I actually don’t crave fruit at all now, in fact the only fruit I have had (other than Avocado) is raspberries on a sugar-free cheese cake I made for our Halloween party. The cheesecake was yummy incidentally, but not sure about the ground almond base to be fair – I will research an alternative! To be clear here, fruit isn’t bad, in fact IQS encourage the eating of it, particularly berries as they provide the most benefit with the least Fructose – the simple fact is I no longer desire it, instead choosing a handful of nuts if I am feeling snacky!

I need to knuckle down now and work out meal plans around our social lives; a mistake I made in the 8 week programme was to not factor in nights when I am out and hence not around to cook. Being as I do the vast majority of the cooking that’s a bit of a problem when you are carefully devising lunch and dinner meals. Some of the recipes I have learned are now etched on my brain so I can recreate these at the drop of a hat, and the Sarah Wilson policy of using up what you’ve got in the fridge is such a simple concept but oh so very awesome. Grab all that veg from the fridge, lob it onto an oven tray with some extra virgin coconut oil, herbs of your choosing with some potato and onion wedges, bung it in the oven for 20-25 minutes on 180-190C et voila a very tasty and filling meal for dinner and lunch tomorrow. That’s just one of the takes from this experience, there are many more. Basically I am JERFing like you wouldn’t believe!! As an IQS graduate I feel I am qualified to use that term, but if you are reading this and doubting its merits – give it a try, and not just because clicking those links and signing up gets me commission either. It’s a better way of living, eating and promotes much better awareness for your entire family too.

Next step is to get physical, something I am guilty of not doing as part of the IQS programme primarily due to knackering my Planter Fasciosis in my right foot. I am signed up once more for the Blenheim Palace Triathlon in June next year, but this time I want to be well prepared, a lot more  lean and actually compete with the group I do it with. Now I feel I have my food diet in check, it feels a natural progression to take it up a gear on the fitness front. I have enlisted the help of one of the Born2Tri coaches, to get some much needed accountability in there. Let’s do this!

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