Seasons End

On Sunday I took part in Born2Tri’s 3rd and final event for 2017, the Notley Autumn Duathlon. I did the Spring version of this back in 2015 when I was a stone and a half lighter posting a time of 01:40:47 – this time around I really struggled with the 4k runs, especially the 2nd one and my final time was 01:46:23. In some respects a backwards step but mostly serves to encourage and motivate. The bike leg once again salvaged some time for me and probably stopped me from finishing last! 🙂

Back in 2015 I might have been lighter but I did practically no training for any events. Now, I am training regularly and am back on the calorie watching and feeling great. My left side of my right knee is very sore today though, will see if that eases tomorrow but if not a sports massage will probably be in order.

My plan now is to train properly throughout the Winter months and I aim to have lost the weight I put back on and go further than before. I have a single goal for 2018 and that’s to complete my first full Olympic distance Triathlon. I did two thirds of one in 2015 at the London Triathlon relay!!! As always it’s the running part that concerns me, but slowly but surely things are improving in that department. I think with less weight to carry backed up by disciplined training, improvements will come.

I have already said it but once again a massive thanks to all the organisers for a faultless event and to all the fellow club mates doing marshal duties for spurring me on.

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