Things I wanna do before I pop my clogs… :O)

  • Climb Kilimanjaro
  • Walking a section of El Camino (or the whole thing if I have a spare month!)
  • Walk the Inca Trail
  • Walk the Great Wall of China
  • Snorkel in the Barrier Reef
  • Climb the Eiffel Tower
  • Cycle Land’s End to John O’Groats
  • Cycle London to Paris
  • Cycle a stage route of the Tour de France (alpe d’Huez!)
  • Night cycle London to Brighton
  • Compete in a non-UK Triathlon
  • Compete in an off-road Duathlon
  • Complete an Olympic (Standard) Triathlon
  • Wainwright’s Coast to Coast walk in Reverse
  • Coast to Coast cycle (this time on a good bike!)
  • West Highland Way walk
  • South-West Peninsula Walk
  • American Road-Trip
  • Visit Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
  • Visit Iceland
  • Visit Australia
  • Visit New Zealand
  • Visit South Africa
  • Visit Hong Kong
  • Visit Dubai
  • Spectate a non-British Grand Prix
  • Spectate a stage of the Tour de France (in France)

Things I’ve done that were on the list:

  • Complete a one mile open water swim – I actually did 2 miles at Swim Serpentine 2017! 🙂
  • Wainwright’s Coast to Coast walk
  • Coast to Coast cycle (Whitehaven to Sunderland)
  • Land’s End to London cycle
  • Snorkelled in the Maldives
  • Walked around an island of the Maldives (just less than 10 minutes!)
  • Visit Sri Lanka
  • Complete a Sprint distance Triathlon
  • Complete a Duathlon

The Anti-Bucket List

Band & Artists I want to see before THEY pop their clogs:

  • Yello (difficult since they don’t tour that often and even then have very few dates!)
  • The Moody Blues
  • REO Speedwagon
  • Vangelis
  • Mike Oldfield
  • Megadeth
  • The Police
  • King Crimson
  • Alan Parsons Project
  • Faith No More
  • Pearl Jam
  • Tori Amos
  • Toyah (big gamble this one!)

Bands/Artists I’ve seen or are unable to see for whatever reason since being on my list:

  • Def Leppard – Some time in 2018 – Okay I confess to being pretty drunk for this one and falling asleep, but at least I was awake for ‘Hysteria’! Great gig though from what I saw. :O)
  • ELO – Some time in 2018 – Had awesome seats in stalls in the O2, just a shame the gig was utter gash! Definitely a nostalgia driven purchase this, but never again! Sorry Dad!
  • Joe Satriani (Cliffs Pavillion 24th April 2018 – John Petrucci upstaged him imo but Satch was still excellent, just a shame about Roth being there!)
  • Arcade Fire (SSE Arena 13th April 2018 – Brilliant set and f**king loud!!)
  • OMD – Nov 2017 VIP ticket bought through PledgeMusic meaning I watched their soundcheck. Amazing gig and very emotional in places. 🙂
  • Suzanne Vega – London Paladium 2017 and an utterly glorious gig
  • Green Day (BST Hyde Park – 1st July 2017 : So bloomin’ good!)
  • Kraftwerk (Royal Albert Hall – 21st June 2017 : A…M…AZING!)
  • Primus (Roundhouse – 20th June 2017 : Lunatic genius!)
  • Jean Michel Jarre – O2 Arena -7/10/16 : Absolutely amazing!!

The not gonna happens:

  • Rush – Unlikely to play again due to Neil Peart’s tendonitis :O(
  • Motorhead – RIP Lemmy :O(
  • David Bowie – RIP :O(
  • The Eagles – RIP Glenn Frey :O(
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